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The Biennial International Neuman Systems Model Symposium will be organized in Utrecht, The Netherlands on June 16, 2017.

The Neuman Systems Model is especially suited to foster Multi-professional and inter-disciplinary collaboration which is necessary for the global need to design person-centered, integrated care.

The model provides a well-founded method to increase the ability to cope with adverse events in life and combines prevention theory with system orientation.

This creates shared values, a shared language and shared goals across disciplines and cultures.

This symposium is a wonderful opportunity to meet participants from different countries and professional from practice, education, research and policy.

Discussion and interactive workshops give shape to the central theme of this symposium: Connecting minds, spirits and cultures.

Program Neuman Systems Model Symposium June 16, 2017

Theme:  Connecting minds, spirits and cultures

10.00   Opening and welcome - Marlou de Kuiper, President

10.10   Plenary Dr. Jacqueline Fawcett and Sarah Beckman:  Academic-Practice Partnerships: International Perspectives within the Context of the Neuman Systems Model

10.40   Foekje Pol-Roorda:     Mobile Application for Education in Spirituality

11.00   Awards, introductions, workshops and roundtables, coffee[MdK1] [BM2] [BM3] 

11.3013.00    Roundtable discussions (change tables every 20 minutes)

         DeLyndia Green - RN -BS students use NSM in a self-assessment activity.

         Amy Barnes - NSM applied with staff on self-care.

         Heidi Buffenbarger  - NSM applied with staff in a nurse residency program

         Sarah Beckman - Application of the Neuman Systems Model in education

         Ferdy Pluck - Neuman Systems Model in mental health care

         Marlou de Kuiper - Neuman Systems Model as the theoretical foundation for integrated care

13.0014.00    Lunch

14.00-15.30     Workshops

         Marlou de Kuiper:  NSM voor beginners (in Dutch)

         Hilda van de Heyde: Invoering Neuman Systems Model in het onderwijs (in Dutch)


o        Dr Jacqueline Fawcett:  The Created Environment

o        Dr. Kathleen Flaherty:  Reconstitution and Health Co-Inquiry

o        Robertha   Langenberg and Aliza Damsma: A Holistic Approach Beyond Education 

o        Joan Timalonis, MSN, RN, CNE, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Cedar Crest College and Sharon M. Melincavage, DEd, RN, CRNP-BC, CNE Associate Professor, Director of the Graduate Nursing Program, Cedar Crest College: Shoring up System Protection: Building an Interdisciplinary Client System with Nursing and Nutrition Students

15.30   Break

15.45   Introduction NSM Trustees and new board members

16.00   Plenary:  Dr. Rene van Leeuwen: European Collaboration EPICC Research into Spirituality

16.30   Closing remarks and presentation of next symposium

Praktische zaken: Locatie Hogeschool Domstad. Deelname: 85 euro inschrijven via deze link:

 Practice center: Diane, research Jacqui, education Sarah